Lemon Oil – Suggested Uses

Lemon Oil - best aromatherapy oil for treating warts

Lemon Oil – great for getting rid of warts

Lemon Oil – Suggested Formulations:

Lemon oil can be used to:

  • Treat warts
  • Restore wood furniture
  • Sick Room Spray
    see how below:

Lemon Oil for Warts

Lemon oil is a wonder wart eradicator – just ask Chris -.Moon Haven’s Soap Master.  When in his late teens Chris suffered form multiple warts all over his right hand.  Not only were they ugly but the warts themselves were sore and brittle.

After several painful trips to the doctors to have the warts burnt off …only for them to regrow within weeks Chris finally decided to give Lemon Oil treatment a try

Using a cotton bud he applied a drop of oil to each wart morning and night until they all disappeared.  After 3 weeks he was wart free.

Lemon Oil Wood Restorer

In a small glass jar or bottle add 5 ml of Lemon Oil to 100 ml of sunflower oil and 20 ml of mineral turpentine Using a soft cloth apply sparingly to your wood furniture and allow the oil to soak in for 20 minutes.

Lemon Eucalyptus Sick Room Spray

This uplifting anti-bacterial,  anti-viral spray is great to use in the sick room or when colds, flu and other lurgies are hanging around.

In a spray bottle combine:

20 drops Lemon oil

20 drops Eucalyptus Oil

2 drops of dish washing detergent

Mix well.Top up spray bottle with 500 ml of water and shake to combine.  Use as needed.

Click here for the Lemon Oil Monograph – essential information you need to know about this wonderful aromatherapy oil.

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