Meet The Team

Natural and effective products that do what they promise to do ... made ethically...  with your best interests at heart.

Real Products made by Real People for Real People

That's exactly what we do at Moon Haven.

Being a small family team located in a quirky cottage in the heart of the Margaret River Wine Region we care about every item we handcraft for you.

We're not a big, faceless corporation ...

From our simplest soap to our nutrient laden Anti-Ageing Skin Care System each  has been designed, formulated, handcrafted, packaged, displayed, explained and sent on its way to its new home with the care and attention only a small team can give.

Leonie - Co-Founder, Aromatherapist & Alchemist

Leonie- Aromatherapist & Alchemist 

Leonie is passionate about Moon Haven, how we care for you, our clients and visitors who adore Moon Haven almost as much as we do.
We lovingly call you "Moon Haven Moonies"

You see caring for people is the reason Moon Haven thrives.

For without you...Moon Haven wouldn't exist ..and because of you... we continue to do what we do, to the very best of our ability.


Chris - Soap Master Extraordinaire

Chris Moon Haven's Soapmaker ExtraordinaireChris has a passion for soap.
He trained with Eric - our late co-founder and Moon Haven's first Soap Master over several years as his apprentice and then rightfully took over as a Soap Master in his own right in 2009.

Chris has made the signature  "Moon Haven Soap Swirl"  his way of stamping a little bit of magic into every bar he handcrafts.


Laura - SkinCare Architect







Laura - Moon Haven's Skin Care Architect

Laura has a passion for formulating and handcrafting natural, botanical skincare and bath products that are not only extremely effective but delight the senses.

Each day Laura can be found in her lab seeking solutions to skin issues, formulating bathtime indulgences and handcrafting some of the most luxurious skincare available.
You just have to indulge in one of her decadent Bath Bombs to truly experience the bliss of her creations.