Discounts, Voucher Codes & Sales - T&C's, How Does It Work ?

 I'm sure you understand that our  our discount codes are single use and cannot be used during our generous sales and promotions. In these circumstances you can choose to use the discount or the take advantage of the sale. Its your choice.

 One discount per order

Only one discount code may be applied at any one time.

So, if you are in the fortunate position of having 2 codes you get to choose which one to use. 🙂


Unless otherwise indicated, our $10 off an online purchase  discount code recieved when making a purchase at the moon haven cottage,   expire 6 months from the date of issue.

Minimum Purchase

Our online and store issued discount codes require a minimum purchase of $20 exclusive of postage and handling.

Where to Enter your Discount Code

So you have received a Moon Haven  voucher or discount code and you'd like to know how to use it. 

Look for the Discount Input Box

When you get to the Checkout page you'll see an input box with the word "Discount" in grey just below your list of items.

Just type your code into the box and press the "Apply" button.
Voila... your discount/voucher amount will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.