Visit Moon Haven


Welcome to the Moon Haven Cottage

No trip down south is complete without a visit to Moon Haven” – this is what we are constantly told when visitors come to our herbal cottage.

We love it when new visitors first walk through Moon Haven’s doors.

That first “Wow” really does make us smile.

You see not only do we have all of our wonderful handcrafted herbal products on display, but the scent as you walk in, the colourful displays, the sense of tranquility and peace that pervades our simple space…. well lets us say that it can be a pretty wonderful experience.

Nestled in the small village of Cowaramup in the centre of the Margaret River Wine Region, Moon Haven’s soap skincare, herbal remedies and bath products are in high demand by visitors to the cottage.

Take Home a Moon Haven Sample

Not only do our visitors get to sample the herbal treatments, smell the soaps, slather on hand and body lotions, try out a pulse point potions, massage oils, scrubs – but we also offer FREE samples to take home and trial. Our people love that!

Learn how we handcraft our products

Then of course we want you to understand how everything we do is made.

We have loads of information around the cottage for you to look through,interact with and watch in person.

  • there are LCD screens which help explain many of our processes and why we do what we do,
  • we love telling and showing you what we do and how we do it
  • and of course we will send you home with fact sheets and product information guides to help you use our products and samples

Besides Leonie and the team are always wandering out to show our visitors the latest creation, getting you to smell the newsest scent blend, asking you give your opinion on a new product or just wanting to the share the experience of freshly ground herbs (an amazing experience) or a wonderful ingredient.

Ask our Advice

We love nothing more than providing you with simple, sensible solutions to your skin and lifestyle issues (like insomnia, acne, aches and pains, rosacea, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriaisi, dermatitis, sinus iussues – well the list goes on and on!)

We’ll discuss the issue with you, call our resident herbalist and aromatherapist in on the discussion if needed, and help you to find the best solution we can. Of course we wouldn’t send you out the door without a full back up service and you can access us 7 days a week if you need to.

So much to see and do @ Moon Haven

So much to see and do @ Moon Haven

Come In and Play

Most importantly Moon Haven is all about fun.  It is not just some random retail space where you wander in and wander out.  Once through the cottage doors we encourage to play with all of our products, with the wonderful range of kaliedascopes, music boxes, crystals and our extensive range or fairies and dragons.

Kids love Moon Haven, we encourage them to touch and interact with everything they see and smell. And of course if something gets broken by chance…we know accidents happen… we’ll never ask you to compensate for the breakage… that would be unfair of us to do so.  We really do want you to enjoy your visit to the Moon Haven cottage.


It’s not unusual for our visitors to stay an hour or longer in the store… there is just so much to see, do and experience.

So when you are next down Margaret River way make sure that you call in to the Moon Haven cottage – we’d love to see you.

We’re Open

7 days a Week

10 am to 5 pm

Cnr Bottrill St and Bussell Hwy

Opposite the Post Office

Cowaramup, Margaret River

Western Australia

Ph 08 97 555 470

FREECALL 1800 005 059