Tori's Acne Recovery Story


I'd like you to meet Tori :)

These photos show Tori's progress over 3 weeks as she used our Acne Action Treatment program. 



A little while ago, and without our knowledge, Tori posted these pictures and others on her facebook page,

You see, Tori had suffered from a severe cystic type of acne for many years.

Then she tried our Acne Action Pack and treatment regime - and she was blown away not only with the results but at how fast her skin started to normalise.

Here is what she wrote on her page:

My story in a ‘short’ paragraph started when I was about 14 and had a severe case of acne.
Nothing helped I tried everything literally, EVERYTHING! From changing my diet to cutting out dairy, I tried Proactive, antibiotics, 10000 face washes, 2 new pills that apparently help with acne (it just made it worse) and then of course resorted into just covering my face with a whole heap of foundation and draping my hair down my face!

I chose to go down the path of Roaccutane which is primarily used to treat severe acne.

The first picture > is me over a course of a few months using Roaccutane, you can tell it got a whole lot better. I was on Roaccutane for a year or so, but found myself still getting pimples and never not having one. I always seemed to have at least one on my face somewhere. The next photo is me about a year ago.
I took it just before I went on a cream antibiotic which didn’t help. Again, always still had a pimple.

Finally about 4 weeks ago, I went to @moonhavennatural just for a quick look and found myself at the skin care range.

Finally, a local, hand made, natural skin care product.

The next photo is me tonight, just after using the ‘Herbal Cleansing Gel’ followed by the moisturiser.

I couldn’t recommend this skin care range enough, this isn’t even sponsored (I wish) I’m finally brave enough to go out in public without makeup which I haven’t done in 6 years!

I can’t thank Leonie at Moon Haven enough, without you I would of accepted the fact I’d have pimples the rest of my life!

Ps these photos are in no way edited AT all and is taking a lot of courage to post!

if anyone that follows me suffers with acne and needs someone to talk to and wants to know anything else about my acne journey or more on Moon Haven, please message me!!

Thanks for listening ppl :)


As you can imagine we were blown away by Tori's story.

Not because this is an unusual result...far from it ... it is the result we expect when our clients follow this regime... but becasue Tori was so generous in sharing her story for all the world to see.

Thank you Tori are amazing!

If you or someone you know is suffering from Acne - we'd love to help - take a look at our Acne Action Pack details and download the free information sheet - i am certain we can help.
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