Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – Fact or Fiction?

pure, unadulterated essential oils


Are you impressed by the term Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (CPTG)?
For some time at Moon Haven we have become increasingly concerned about several companies describing their products in this way.

No Recognised Standard for the term  “Therapeutic Grade”

You see there is no such thing as a recognised Therapeutic Grade standard in the aromatherapy or essential oil industry.

Let me clarify this.
There is no international or even nationally recognised reputable organisation which classifies or even certifies essential oils used in Aromatherapy practice as being of therapeutic grade.  There is just no such standard or grade published or even available. (ref: Robert Tisserand – the father of modern Aromatherapy –

Self Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils

You see with the rise in the popularity and increasing understanding of the effectiveness of the use of essential oils in aromatherapy, several large  direct and multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have moved into the field.  As with any company of this type, they have a very real need to differentiate themselves one from others in the field as well as from traditional businesses.
Hence the need to inform their prospective customers that they are the only reliable source of the best, purest and most effective products available.  They will self certify their own products as Therapeutic Grade.  If you take a look at one of their claims they will usually say something like  “this essential oil is “insert Company Name” Certified Therapeutic Grade.  Which means exactly that… their company has “certified” that particular oil to their own standards.

ISO Standards

There are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for the production, storage and handling as well as providing indicative percentage ranges permitted for each of the active constituents within specific essential oils.  ISO standards do not specify grade just the permitted active constituents in an oil.

Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

To substantiate their claims that their essential oils are of a pure and high “therapeutic” grade you may find that a company will state that they use Gas Chromatography and or Mass Spectrometry to certify their oils.

Any good essential oil supplier will always provide a Certificate of Analysis (CofA) for each of their oils. Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography are only two of the tests undertaken to on each essential oil when a CofA is completed. This certificate of analysis is completed for every supply of essential oil and is specific to that batch.

Moon Haven Provides Pure, Unadulterated Essential Oils- Just as Nature Intended

Of course at Moon Haven we obtain and  examine a Certificate of Analysis for each of our essential oils to ensure that the oils we use and provide to our clients are pure and unadulterated- and straight from the source plant material… just as nature intended.  Some of our oils are even certified organic and that is as good as it gets!


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