Is it really Acne? or could it be Papulopustular or Inflammatory Rosacea?

acne or to tell the difference

Is you acne getting worse even when you use the very best acne treamtment around-
(moon haven's Acne Action Pack of course!)?

Are Acne Treaments making your skin worse?

Evey now and then we get a franctic phone call from one of our moonies telling us that our hugely poplular and very effective Acne Action Pack was not helping their skin... and in fact using it was making it worse!!!!

When this fisrst happenend many years ago Leonie - moon haven's founder, immediately dropped everything and arranged to meet our happless client to see exactly what was going on with her skin.

 Pauplopustular Rosacea

And the answer was pretty obvious...but only to Leonie's trained eye.

Our gorgeous moonie was not suffering from Acne vulgaris (common acne) but a severe case of rosacea.  Papulopustular Rosacea to be excact.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammation of the capillaries and nerve endings on the face.  (you can read about how we look after rosacea here ).  The inflammation can become so severe that the skin creates an inflammatory response causing the skin to redden and lumps and bumbs to develop.  If the condition is not treated correctly then the skin can become infected and pimple like pustules can form. The end result looks like a vey angry case of acne.

Treating Rosacea is completley different

If you use acne specific products on skin that is suffering from roasacea you'll make the acne much worse.  The reason: - roascea needs rich, calming, soothing skincare something Acne skincare in not!

Call us if you suspect you suffer from Rosacea and not Acne

So if your skin isn't responding to your acne skin care regime give us a call at moon haven (+61 897 555 470)  and we can see if you are in fact suffering from rosacea and of course help you to soothe and heal!















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