Hayfever, Allergies and More

Welcome to Allergy  Season

 Allergy season is here…There’s pollen in the air!

Spring…While the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, our flowers, trees and grasses are doing their thing to ensure the continuation of the species. And this means pollen and other allergens in the air.

No wonder hayfever, eczema and  psoriasis sufferers and those with sensitised skin seem to experience more symptoms this time year.


Of all the allergies that we see at the moon haven cottage hayfever would have to be the most common…especially at this time of year.

With runny noses, red itchy eyes, incessant headaches and blocked sinuses, pollen season can make life miserable for so many people.

Chris – moon haven’s soap master, is just one of so many of our moonies who suffers each year. It can be a terrible time for so many

What's Solution?

Of course we have been working on finding  ways to help Chris and his fellow sufferers get happily get through the season.

This where Breathe Easy Pulse Point Potion and its big brother Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend come into their own.

You see, the essential oils in the Breathe Easy blend help with allergy issues in three main ways:

How does it work?

The essential oils:

  1. Assist with thinning the mucous build up in your sinuses. (sounds yucky… but the relief from this effect alone makes for a much more comfortable allergy season)
    You’ll often find that you’ll develop a postnasal drip or need to clear your nose within 5 minutes of application!)
  2. Calm the mucous membranes so that they are less irritated, inflammation is reduced, and they produce less mucous.
  3. Open up airways and help dilate constricted blood vessels which in turn improves breathing and eases associated headaches.

 Which Breathe Easy Should I Use?

Chris finds that the Breathe Easy Pulse Point Potion is his goto hayfever product because he can apply it directly to his skin.  That means he can use it on the go, where ever he is.
The Breathe Easy Essential Oil blend is great used in a diffuser helping the whole family at home… and even used in a steam bath to help clear his sinuses when they are well and truly under siege.

So if you’re suffering this season give Breathe Easy a go.   

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