Essential Oils for Snoring

Snoring can lead to significant health and emotional issuesIf your partner’s snoring is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep then we have some great news for you.

Snoring can lead to significant health and emotional issues

It has been found that snoring is one of the primary reasons that spouses sleep apart.
For a couple who have spent many years together moving to separate rooms can be a traumatic process.

They can rightly fear the separation could lead to a loss of intimacy and feelings of closeness and many couples have reported just these concerns when surveyed within 6 months of their decision to sleep apart.

Even more worrying is the fact that snoring and sleep apnoea have been found to contribute to several serious health issues including heart disease, stroke and depression.

Research: Using Essential Oils Can Improve Snoring

So it is with great relief we uncovered this research which studied the effects of several essential oils on couples where one partner snored.
Researchers at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital* in the UK have fond that using certain essential oils can significantly reduce the incidence of snoring and/ or reduce the volume of snoring if it occurs.

The research found that the following essential oils

·         Peppermint

·         Eucalyptus

·         Lemon

·         Tea Tree

·         Rosemary

All help to thin and liquefy any mucous, open airways and reduce inflammation.  These oils also been found to suppress the production of mucous in the mucous membranes.

So when put to the test against a control group is was found that with the application of a vaporised essential oil spray (most effective) or the use of an essential oil gargle (less effective) that the incidence of snoring was significantly reduced and where snoring still occurred the snore volume was reduced.

This is all good news if your are sharing a bed with a snorer!

Breathe Easy Pulse Point Potion

Of course Moon Haven has its very own Breathe Easy Pulse Point Potion which has proved very effective for many of our clients whose partners snore…it’s also been fantastic for those suffering from allergies, hayfever and headaches.
*Phytotherapy Research. 2004 Sep;18(9):696-9. The use of essential oils to treat snoring. Prichard AJ

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