DIY Chest Rub Blend

Make It Yourself Chest Rub

📝 This recipe is in such high demand at the cottage this week.

It seems as if every second person has got the flu, getting it or is just getting over it. 🤒

We're fortifying ourselves and diffusing thieves oil like there is no tomorrow.

And for those that are suffering ... well Leonie has put together this simple but highly effective recipe you can use as a chest rub should you or your family succumb.

The essential oils in this formulation will help to clear the sinuses, ease congestion and warm the body.

Of course if there is any sign of irritation wipe the oil from the skin and apply a little more carrier oil to help further dilute the essential oils and then wipe away again.

MIY Chest Rub Recipe

5 ml Carrier oil of choice (see below for suitable oils)
2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Eucalyptus radiatia essential oil
1 drop Rosemary essential oil

Mix all ingredients together.
Pour into the palm of your hand and warm the mixture before lightly massaging into the chest .
Avoid tender skin - nipples, neck etc and wash hands after application... you don't want this formulation in your eyes!

This formulation is suitable for adults and children over the age of 3.

*Carrier oils - in this recipe you could use fractionated coconut oil, olive, ricebran, almond fact any oil you have on hand that absorbs into the skin and doesn't have a pungent scent.

We hope this helps

❤️Leonie, Chris, Laura, John and the Moon Haven Team
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