When Can You Use The Labour of Love Essential Oils in Pregnancy?

moon Haven's Labour of Love Essential Oils can be used throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

moon Haven’s Labour of Love Essential Oils can be used throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

Natalie asked:
“I just received the ‘Prelude Calming’ and ‘In The Moment’ essential oils blend. ”

Can Essential Oil Be Used In Pregnancy?

“Just wondering if the oils can be used for massage if I put a few drops in a massage oil medium?
Also I’m 37 weeks, is it ok to start using it for massages now or best to wait until in labour? Thanks! (they smell amazing!)”

Leonie’s Answer

Here is Leonie, our clinical aromatherapist’s answer:

Hi Natalie.
First of all congrats on your pregnancy.
You can use these oils (our Labour of Love Essential Oils – Prelude and In The Moment) anytime during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Prelude to Relax – In The Moment for Energy

We recommend using the Prelude essential oil blend when you want to relax and the In The Moment essential oil blend when you are wanting more energy and inspiration..  This also helps if you feel a bit nauseous or just flagging and tired.

Just add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser or oil burner and diffuse for an hour or two.

Massage Oil

Alternatively, f you want to make a massage oil just put up to 6 drops in 20 ml of your carrier oil of choice. You can choose from grapeseed, rice bran,  sunflower, safflower, coconut, almond, macadamia oils etc



For more information check out the following article on using essential oils in pregnancy:


This article was written by Moon Haven’s aromatherapist and founder Leonie Gully.

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