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Achy Breaky Rub

Great for Relieving Pain from spinal fusion

Great Stuff!  I’ve used Achy Breaky Rub on my lower back before and after spinal fusion surgery.
It really helps relieve the pain and helps relax the muscles. Chris of Mullallo, WA

Great relief for back pain

My father is finding great relief for back pain, having broken a disc in his upper back and being on morphine – which is helping – but makes him nauseous, so the achy breaky  is a great help.  Deb of Clifton Park, WA

Muscle Pain relieved

My daughter gave me some Achy Breaky Rub as a gift because I have Fibromyalgia.  Great product- it actually relieves the pain.  I wish I had started earlier.  Liz of Warwick, WA

Achy Breaky Rub – another convert

My partner thought Moon Haven’s products were ‘typical girl stuff’ UNTIL he tried some Achy Breaky on his back. Well we now have a convert!!! He LOVES THE STUFF!  Reggie of Mandurah WA



I just wanted to tell you that my psoriais is GONE!  You know that when i came to see you that I wouldn’t wear skirts because of the dreadful inflammation and infection on my leg from my life long battle with psoriais. Well… its gone… and after only a few weeks.  There is still a little scarring left to heal but you can hardly tell where the psoriasis was already.  I am sure that the scars will fade even more.  Your treatment worked amazingly fast and I am so grateful for what you have done for me.  Thank so much     Sophie of WA       P.S. I bought my first skirt last week!

Tried everything for psoriasis – only Chickweed & Plantain works!

I’ve tried many different creams for Psoriasis over the years but only your Chickweed &Plantain Salve has been effective.
I have psoriasis on my knee, elbows and at the base of the scalp and your cream reduces the redness and inflammatoion and stop the intense itching.  Thank you Moon Haven.  Stephen of Karrinyup, WA

Calendula Salve – a good alternative to topical steroid creams for eczema

Your calendula salve is very effective for soothing problematic areas for eczema (sp. excema).  I have very sensitive skin and cannot use harsh products, so this was ideal and kept the area moisturised.
I keep a pot by my computer at work.  I am buying the Chickweed and Plantian salve too. A good and healthier alternaitve to topical steroid creams.  Clare Thatcher of Peron WA

Improved Skin

My skin has improved so much since using your soaps. Karen S of Cannington WA

Magic Cream

We refer to your Universal Herbal Ointment as ‘Magic Cream’.It has fixed everything from bites to burns.It helped my elderly grandmother, who burnt her leg, heal really quickly, yet she has always had problems doing this due to age and health problems.It even cures pimples, cracked lips and cold sores! Thank you Bec of High Wycombe, WA

Cracked and painful heels – healed
Thank you so much
I purchased your salve for dry feet (Soothing Salve). My heels are particularly bad and nothing has ever worked, tried yours (salve) and was astounded that within a week there was a marked improvement.
I can now wear sandals with my feet looking reasonable again. Thanks so much. Kay W of High Wycombe

Debilitating and Chronic Sinus condition soothed
BREATH EASY’ to try which almost immediately solved the problem. The best relief ever! Since then I carry it around with me at all times and a drop or two rubbed under my nose or on my hankie – and the problem is cured – now I can go out to public meetings and the cinema. And to date – this is the only thing that I have found that actually works. It is wonderful!!  Nettie of Queensland

Breath Easy for Headaches
I lent your Breathe Easy Pulse Point potion to someone else (at work) with a headache, she was headachelss very quickly!!!! I almost want to have a headache now, just to try it myself – sad I know!  Priya

Neck Pain and Cracked Heels
I am very pleased to say that your Achy Breaky Rub has helped my partner’s sore neck enormously and as a bonus, it helps my carpal tunnel syndrome when I massage it on for him.  Also my dry cracked heels seem to be a thing of the past with the Soothing Salve, – just brilliant!  Caz W Western Australia

Sister can now sleep at night
I purchased some Achy Breaky Rub a few weeks ago for my sister who has major back problems, she says it works like a dream, she can now get some sleep at night after rubbing in this potion. Rosa L

Soap helps Psoriasis
I had my partner’s sister collect some soaps for me last weekend whilst they were in Margaret River.  Anyway my baby (in utero) and I are enjoying the return of the Dusky Rose (soap) gragrance in the bathroom once again and my partner, Clyde, say it is helping his psoriasis. Sue C. of WA

Skin Care is AMAZING for sensitised skin
On a recent trip to Cowaramup I stopped at your delightful shop and purchased some of your Skin Care...a cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream.  I can only describe them as AMAZING! I have used some the best (substitute ‘expensive’) skincare on the market, but after a particularly nasty dose of shingles on my face and head I found I had a reaction to the chemicals in most products generally available.  Not so with the Moon Haven range!.  Rhonda M of WA

You really do care
Just a note to  thank all of you at Moon Haven for such prompt delivery of my order.  I also apprecaited the sample soaps and the hand written note thanking me for my order was a lovely touch.
Its wonderful to know that some people really do care about what they are doing and about their customers. i was hesitant to use the internet to place an order but am glad that I did. Kim G of Wellard, WA

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