Don't you just love a good scrub?

body polish with ginger spice from A weekly whole body exfoliation is great for your skin, encourages circulation and helps combat cellulite.

This salty scrub is one of my favourites.

It makes my skin glow with health and vitality and the spicey scent trail it leaves is simply delicious. πŸ’™

I formulated our Ginger Spice with Rooibos Body Polish so that it not only sloughed away dead skin cells but also left your skin deeply moisturised... so there's no need to lotion up afterwards.

Plus, because it turns into a wonderfully scrubby lotion when it hits water, it wont leave your shower floor slippery and a mess.

Made with the incredibly purifying and balancing WA Lake Deborah Salt (you have to experience this stuff to understand what I'm talking aboutπŸ˜‰), invigorating ginger, cinnamon, clove with a touch of nutmeg spice and topped off with nutrient rich rooibos... this polish packs a powerful punch.

It's pretty economical too. Each jar lasts for ages.😍

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