Why are Moon Haven's essential oil prices so reasonable?

moon haven essential oils - pure, natural and affordableEvery day we're asked "Why are Moon Haven's essential oil prices so reasonable?"

and it's often followed by ... "so does that mean your quality is not as good as XXXX or YYYY brands?"

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The biggest factor in our affordable prices is not quality (our oils a 100% pure and unadulterated - just as nature intended- check out or posts on essential oil purity for more info)
t's the fact that we aren't a huge multinational Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company.

You see MLMs have to inflate their prices so that they can pay their representatives as well their "uplines" a significant portion of the profits.
They also have to cover  the cost of marketing and training, as well as meeting the company's profit expectations.

We're a small family business

At moon haven, we're a small family business.  Our marketing costs are minuscule, we don't advertise on a grand scale - we rely mainly on you and all our moonies spreading the word about what we do.

besides our need for making a profit is modest - we're a family and we work together to serve our moonies (that's you!). 

❤️ It's our passion ❤️

Yes, we are truly passionate about helping people and love making our "moonies" lives better and more comfortable. 

That's a huge part of our reward..

essential oils should be affordable

Part of our philosophy is that 100% pure, natural, beautiful quality essential oils shouldn't break the bank.

We want you to be able to use your oils every day and not be concerned about the cost.  

While we also need to make a profit, our needs are modest compared to the larger corporations and so we can afford to pass on the quality and savings to you. ❤️


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