Why 2 steps are better than 1 when it comes to Anti-Aging Skin Care.

2 step antiageing
When I was formulating Moon Haven’s Anti-ageing product line I was faced with a dilemma.

It is one I battle with, whenever I formulate a new product

You see the botanical world is divided… the wonderful extracts and compounds found in nature that deliver such amazing results to our skin, and bodies and minds … are often either water soluble or oil soluble

…and we all know that water and oil don’t mix.

In fact we can mix the two if we use an emusifying compound. But the trouble with making an emulsion ( these are all your common creams and lotions you use on your body every day) is that the water to oil ratio is heavily biased towards the water side.

Most lotions are 90 to 95% water …

The fact is that most lotions and creams contain 90% to 95% water based components and only 5-10% oil based ingredients!

So what is a girl to do… the oil soluble extracts and ingredients are so valuable in the fight against aging that I didn’t want to compromise…
so …

TA Da… we decided to formulate two anti-ageing products that work hand in hand –

– one water based gel filled to the brim with water soluble anti-aging extracts and botanicals – we call it our BioNutrient Facial Gel
-one oil based formulation choc full of all the wonderful botanical lipid based ingredients – our Age Defying Serum

While you can use one without the other and still get great results… the synergy created when you apply the water based BioNutrient Gel first…allow it to to soak in a  little and then apply the Age Defying Serum …is amazing.

I am so glad that we didn’t compromise and made two, not just one anti-aging product – the results are speaking for themselves.

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