What’s in our Bio Nutrient Anti-Aging Gel?


Why is our Anti-Aging Bio-Nutrient Facial Gel so effective?

BioNutrient 98.8% active ingredientsIt’s packed to the brim with 8 Anti-Aging, wrinkle defying active ingredients

In fact the anti-ageing active ingredients make up an amazing 98.8% of this incredible gel…

When Leonie formulated the Bio-Nutrient Gel – the first step in our Anti-Aging SkinCare system –  she wanted to make sure that it would do what it was designed to to do.  Plump and firm your skin… so she filled it to the brim with as many water soluble organics that were proven to help with the devastating signs of aging skin. Wrinkles, deep lines, sagging skin etc.

So what’s in it …and why?

  1. Aloe Vera – when applied to the skin, aloe vera penetrates the fibroblasts – our collagen and elastin factories  and stimulates them to produce more collagen,
  2. Calendula – provides anti-inflammatory protection as well as proven chemo-protective properties
  3. Gotu Kola- anti-oxidant, it’s an excellent connective tissue healer (collagen)
  4. Hydrolysed Wheat Amino Acids – contains wheat oligosaccharides which help skin retain its moisture and improve its overall appearance.
  5. Carrot Seed Oil – stimulates cell growth and supports collagen formation
  6. Olive Squalane – helps to retain moisture within the skin – deeply penetrates to the deepest skin layers.
  7. Frankincense – stimulates cell regeneration and is anti-inflammatory
  8. Rosewood – helps with cell regeneration and cellular support

And what’s in the remaining 1.2% …well that’s easy.  1% is our wonderful organic certified and approved preservation system.  The other 0.02% is an inactive compound that helps the Bio-Nutrient Gel… to well… gel!

And all of that is packed into the first step in our Anti Ageing Skincare System.

Nest  we’ll tell you what’s in our Age Defying Serum, the wonderful and necessary second step to great looking ageless skin.


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