Treating Dry, Mature & Sensitive Skin ... Naturally

Hydrating dry mature skin can be difficult... especially if you don't have the right skin care regime.

In this video Leonie talks about a simple skin care program that she recommends to many of her clients in their 40's, 50's and beyond.
In fact she uses this exact same regime for her own skin.

In summary Leonie recommends the following:

The Routine:

Cleanse morning and night with Herbal Cleansing Milk with Rose Geranium

Moisturise daily with Moisture Cream with Rose Geranium
Use Moon Haven's Eye Cream with Calendula every day to soothe and moisturise the delicate area under your eyes..helps fight those aging wrinkles

At night cleanse and then moisturise with Ultra Night Cream with Honey & Rosewood

(Scroll down to see what Leonie considers to be her secret weapon for night time skin rejuvenation)


To refresh you skin (and uplift your soul) spray a little of one of our Facial Mists onto your face and throat.  Hydrates the skin and the scents are divine.

Exfoliate once a week with our jojoba rich Moisturiisng Facial Scrub with Organic Clays

Apply Facial Clay Mask with Sandalwood & Oats 

once a week (Hint we recommend exfoliating and using a clay mask a few days apart. For example make it Exfoliating Fridays and Mask Mondays.  This helps the skin to settle between treatments and lowers the risk of sensitising your skin.)

HINT: The Ultimate Skin care Pack contains all of the products we recommend above ... just select the Dry Mature Skin option

The Secret:

Leonie calls our Anti-Ageing SkinCare System her secret weapon.

As she explains in the video:

"This is a two part system  and is little bit more expensive than our Dry /Mature SkinCare range, but for me, this is the magic ingredient, the magic step in my personal anti-aging skincare regime.

You apply the Bio Nutrient Gel  first. It contains all the water based ingredients, everything from wheat amino acids, aloe vera gel, carrot seed, a little bit of squalene.

But it's the wheat amino acids, I think, that are the magic in this one, because they are the proteins that our skin needs to boost itself. It's just wonderful. The gel works like a skin plumping  mechanism. So it plumps up all your wrinkles and creases, or sleep creases and things like that. It's wonderful.

As soon as gelgoes on, I immediately put on our Age Defying Serum. So whereas the bio nutrient gel is water based, this is the oil based part of the system. We apply this on top of the gel.

What happens is that the two ingredients work together.

In this Age Defying Serum I have formulated it with wonderful lipids, the oil based ingredients, things like the olive squalene, which is one of the wonder nutrient ingredients of the modern anti-aging world. It's such a fine molecule. It goes right down to where the fibroblasts are. I talked to you about that before where the collagen and elastin is made. And it helps to activate them.

The Sqalene is's a delivery system for all the nutrients. We're using lots of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B in this as well. These are these things our skin needs to remain healthy and youthful.

And because we're leaving this combination  on our skin overnight, it has a longer time to  soak into the skin and actually be useful to it as the body repairs and regenerates while you sleep.

Of course, we're using all the precious beautiful oils in this serum  like evening primrose, rose hip, apricot kernel, jojoba oils and those types of gorgeous ingredients. So I highly recommend using the antiAgeing SkinCare System  least every second night (alternating with our night cream).

Or, if you're like me, I prefer to use it every night, and to get the results that I'm getting with my skin.



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