Sunburn Soother

aloe vera

Aloe Vera for your sunburnt skin

Unfortunately it's a fact of life. Most of us will get a touch too much sun at some point in our exitence.

Burning, stinging, sensitised sunburnt skin can be so uncomfortable.

Thankfully mother nature has a wonderful skin soother at hand.

Aloe Vera is natures first aid for sunburn.

Every household should have a plant at the ready.
Just break a bit of fleshy leaf off the plant and apply the gooey inner gel from the centre of the leaf and gently smoothe it over your sunburn.

Of course, do seek medical advice if the sunburn is severe or covers extensive areas of your body.

after sun gel

After Sun Gel

Of course if you don't want to go to the trouble of keeping and Aloe Vera plant you can always use our After Sun Gel.

We've formulated Moon Haven's after sun with organic aloe vera gel as well as harnessing the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of calendula, roman chamomile and french lavender.

Keep it in the fridge for a truly skin soothing experience.

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