Soothing Body Pain - Boost the effectiveness of our muscle rub

soothe body pain naturally


Boost the effectiveness of your St John's Wort & Calendula Rub (SJWAC) by adding a few drops of our powerful Achy Breaky Essential Oil Blend when you use our rub.

We offer these two wonderful products in our Achy Breaky Duo:


You can use these products to help temporarily help with:

  • muscle recovery
  • sports injuries
  • arthritis
  • inflammation
  • period cramps and pain

The Achy Breaky Duo Story

Moon Haven was born when our founder Leonie, formulated our St John's Wort & Calendula Rub (SJWAC) to help her deal with her debilitating, chronic pain.

You see, Leonie had suffered for many years from the debilitating muscle pain of fibromyalgia.  After searching for solutions and discussing her plight with aromatherapists and herbalists around the world - she settled on the formula for this jar of wonder.




St John's Wort & Calendula Rub

"SJWAC has been amazing. My fibromyalgia improved from the moment I applied it to my pain areas " Leonie SJWAC's formulator


Our moonies love SJWAC:

  • Immediate relief. 
    Absolutely love this product for my rheumatoid Arthritis pains. Immediate relief. -Linda K WA
  • I am so rapt
    This product not only smells beautiful but really really helps my knee and toe joint pain - I am so rapt to have found this awesome product! -
    Kate Edland (Perth, AU)

  • Healing

    This rub is so good for aches and pains, I rub it on joints at bedtime and wake up with no pain - Lisa Tracy (Brisbane)

St John's Wort & Calendula Rub is wonderful as a body soother but for difficult acute pain events it may need a little assistance.



Need for a booster

I love SJWAC and so do our moonies.
Yet there were times I found that SJWAC was not enough - pain sometimes broke through.  

So after discussing it with our family and our wonderful moonies we decided that on occasion,  we could add an extra drop or two of the essential oil blend we use in our body rub ( Achy Breaky Essential Oil Blend) on top of the SJWAC for even greater impact...and it works!

The addition of an essential oil booster can help improve the sense of relaxation and comfort in the body when used with our already effective St John's Wort & Calendula Rub.


Save with Achy Breaky Duo

For your convenience and to help you save - we've bundled these two super effective products together. We've called it our Achy Breaky Duo. 



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