Sleep Apnea - Using Essential Oils with your CPAP machine

aromatherapy and CPAP - safety issues

We are often asked  " Can I safely  use Essential Oils in my CPAP machine?"

With the popularity of aromatherapy and the huge number of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine users  it's a very valid question to ask.

While essential oil therapy can be of great benefit for those with sleep apnea it becomes more complicated when a CPAP machine is involved.

CPAP Forces Air Under Pressure Deep into the Lungs

You see CPAP machines force air (and pure water vapour if you use a humidifier) deep into the significant pressure to help keep the airways open when a person sleeps.

Do Not Use Essential oils in your CPAP machine

For this reason putting essential oils in your CPAP machine is not safe.

Not only can essential oils damage your CPAP machine, but it can also cause significant  injuries your mouth, throat and lungs.

 It does not matter if you put the essential oils in the machine itself, in the hose, on the mask, filter or in the water of the humidifier. Forcing essential oils deep into the lungs over a number of hours every night can cause significant irritation, scarring and inflammation. This in turn can lead to poor lung function and disease.

How to Use Essential Oils Safely While Undergoing CPAP Therapy

All is not lost though. 

You can still get the benefits of aromatherapy while using your CPAP machine.  The trick is to scent the air around the CPAP intake with your essential oil.  

We've found that the best way to do this is to place One drop only  onto a disposable makeup remover pad or tissue and place this near the air intake of the CPAP machine. 

This way only the very smallest amounts of the lightest, most volatile components of the essential oil are introduced to the air around the CPAP machine.  This greatly reduces the risk of irritation to the lungs and eliminates damage to the CPAP machine.

A Win Win all round.

Suggested Essential Oils and Pulse Point Potions 

One drop of any of the following on a tissue or makeup remover pad next to the CPAP air intake would be effective





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