Dry Skin & How To Care For It

In Australia, the majority of people over the age of 40 have dry skin.

What Dry Skin Looks Like:

Dry skin usually looks well- dry! It may be a little flaky, be dull and most of your pores (other than a few around your nose) are quite fine… if you can see them at all.

You may be able to see fine lines and other signs of dehydration.

What Dry Skin Feels Like:

Dry skin can feel tight and brittle.  It will be dry to the touch and is easily warmed. Because dry skin has less sebum - the natural lipids and oils produced by the skin –  available to it,  it can become easily sensitised and irritated. Think rosacea, dermatitis etc

What Causes Dry Skin?

Healthy skin is kept supple , lubricated and maintains a protective barrier  by producing natural oils called sebum in the skin’s sebaceous glands. 

As we age these sebaceous glands gradually reduce their production of this skin nurturing oil.  This leads to drier skin, fine lines and more sensitisation.

Of course, exposing our skin to harsh cleansers, perfumes the environment, heating, cooling, air conditioning, wind pollution etc all can artificially cause dry skin.  That’s why using the correct skin care is vital.

How To Care For Dry Skin:

Dry skin is delicate…it needs to be handled gently, nurtured, and moisturised often.

The first thing to do is to toss out any foaming facial washes, bubble producing cleansers and drying toners.  These products are notorious for depleting your store natural skin oils.  Something you want to preserve as much as possible.

Secondly remove any harsh scrubs and exfoliators from your skin care stash.  Anything scrubby that feels like sandpaper on the skin will do more damage than good – especially on dry skin.

Cleanse Gently – Moisturise Deeply

Dry skin thrives in a gentle cleansing environment.  Using a milk cleanser will help to preserve your on natural skin oils while still gently lifting the dirt from your pores.  (Try our Herbal Cleansing Milk with Rose Geranium)

And it’s a no brainer that dry skin types need moisturisation and lots of it!




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