MIY - How to Use a Solubiliser - Oil & Water CAN mix


As we all know oil and water DON'T mix - without a little help from a friend.

The friend in this case comes from a family of ingredients called solubilisers. These substances help oils, including essential oils to dissolve in water.

You can make all sorts of water based products like room sprays, skin toners, facial mists, hair mists and detanglers as well as making a bath essential oil concentrate.

Bath Essential Oil Concentrate

For example to make a bath essential oil concentrate to scent your next bathing indulgence just mix 10 drops of essential oil blend of choice with 1 to 1.5 ml of Moon Haven's Solubiliser. Once combined add this to the bath water and swish around.

Room Spray

Mix 10ml (200 drops) of your choice of EOs with 20 ml of Solubiliser  in a 100 ml spray bottle.  Add water to make 100ml. Shake before use  Keep in the fridge and use within 3 weeks 

Body Spray

Mix 70 drops of your choice of EOs with 7 ml of Solubiliser  in a small spray bottle. Add water to make 50ml. Shake before use. Keep in fridge - Use within 3 weeks
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