Cracked Heels Repair – Kat’s Soothing Salve Review

Kat_JujuGoogling around the internet we found this wonderful Moon Haven Review and recommendation for our cracked heel treatment regime.

Thank you Kat for taking the time to blog about us.

Kat wrote

My take? If you are suffering from super dry skin, especially cracked heels, I reckon this is your answer! It is suggested to apply this soothing salve before bedtime so that the herbs and oils can work at it best when you are at rest. The soft waxy texture glides on smoothly and smells super amazing.

Before, my heels were not cracked but they were definitely dry, and slightly peeling in some areas. The moment I applied the salve on, my dry heel skin instantly looked moist and smooth. The salve absorbed into the skin very quickly. Within minutes, my heels looked brand new. They felt good on overnight as well.

You can find our soothing salve for cracked heels here
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