The 3 Mistakes That Most Women Make That Prematurely Age Their Skin

3 SkinCare Mistakes that prematurely age your skin

Are you making them too?

I have a client in her mid 50’s …we’ll call her “Sarah”* … who has been using our Moon Haven skincare products for over 15 years now.
Her skin has been great right up until a year or so ago when she and I noticed some subtle but obvious changes.

Sarah looked older than she should

“Sarah” came in to see me at the cottage a few months ago.
You see, her skin was looking older than it should.
It was starting to lose it’s elasticity.
There was a loosening of the skin around her jaw line and neck.
Her skin had become a little sensitised with a few small pinkish areas on her cheeks and around her nose.
And her facial skin just didn’t look vital and glowing like it normally did.

I was concerned

I was definitely concerned at the state of Sarah’s skin.
I knew that she had been regularly ordering our the Rose Geranium Moisturiser and Cleanser as well as our Moisturising Facial Scrub and the Facial Clay Mask Power with Sandalwood and Oats -All products appropriate for her maturing dry skin.

What was happening and why?

So it was time to start investigating what exactly what was happening to her skin and why…you see Sarah didn’t deserve to look older than she actually was.

In fact at Moo Haven we like to pride ourselves on formulating products that preserve and promote that inner (and outer) youthful glow.
And whatever Sarah was doing just wasn’t making the grade.

So I played skincare investigator and found out exactly what Sarah was doing to prematurely age her skin…despite using some of the best naturally nutrient-rich skincare available.

The 3 mistakes Sarah was making that was prematurely aging her skin:

1. Exfoliating her skin too deeply and too often

The first thing that surprised me was that Sarah was exfoliating her skin – scrubbing it till it shone – every day!
No wonder her skin was showing signs of sensitisation and redness.
I always recommend that you gently exfoliate your skin once (and at most 2) times per week. And yes the operative word is GENTLY.

2. Not using a specialised eye moisturiser every day

Sarah told me that she had always thought that she should use an eye cream, but just had never gotten around to it.

Well, the wrinkles around her eyes were telling me that it was high time she started caring for this delicate area properly.
You see, the skin of the lower eyelid in particular is considerably thinner that the skin covering the rest of your face.

This makes it far more delicate and prone to sensitisation and ageing than the rest of your facial area.

When choosing the right product for your eye area – Look for good moisturisation elements, low allergenic ingredients and anti-inflammatory factors .
That is why using a specialised eye moisturiser like our Eye Cream with Calendula makes a lot of sense.
It is packed full of the right balance of nutrients, anti-oxidants and nurturing oils. It is soothing and anti-inflammatory courtesy of the infused Calendula oils.
And of course tour Eye cream is low allergenic -we don’t add in any perfume or essential oils to challenge the delicate eye area.

3. Thinking that a day moisturiser ‘will do’ or work just as well as a night time moisturiser

I feel that this was Sarah’s  biggest mistake. (as is the case for most mature women I see at the cottage)
You see our skin uses the time when we sleep to first repair the daily damage sustained by our skin and then work on rejuvenating and replenishing nutrients to the skin so that it reamins at it optimal best. For this the skin needs nutrients, oxygen and rest/sleep.
This is why as we move beyond our 30’s and into our 40’s, 50’s and beyond wer should use a suitable formulated night cream as an absolute minimum. The best case scenario is to use a specially formulated nutrient rich firming and moisturising skin care regime such as our Anti-Ageing SkinCare System

So armed with this information Sarah moved on to only exfoliating her skin once a week, started using our eye cream and began using the Anti Ageing SkinCare System every night.

So what happened?

Sarah came in to see me last week… 6 weeks after starting her new skin care regime and you could see the difference  immediately.

Instead of looking sallow and dried up with small red patches… her skin was glowing, healthy and vital. She looked years younger and I’d swear she had less wrinkles!

* Sarah is a real client who started using our products in 2002. She was in her late 30’s then. I’ve changed her name at her request… but feel that many of our clients would benefit from her experience as I see this scenario all too often at the cottage. – with much love – Leonie

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