NEW Anti Ageing Skincare System …coming soon

Moon Haven’s famous Anti Ageing Skincare System

NEW Anti-Aging Skincare System …coming soon

After months of research and formulation we are about to launch our NEW Age Defiance Skincare System.

We have formulated the two step anti-ageing skin care system (some spell it anti-aging!!!) by doing what we do best… using natural botanical ingredients with amazing properties.

We have spent hours and hours researching all the latest information, case studies and breakthroughs in the anti aging field. We identified those compounds which have proven anti ageing effects and looked for natural sources of those compounds.

Just to let you in on some of the workings behind the scenes… One extract we are using comes from the olive and with it’s ability to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin, combined with its emollient properties, it does wonderful things for fine lines and wrinkles…and this is only one compound amongst many we have harnessed in our Anti-Ageing system!

Then we went to work formulating and testing the best combinations of these incredible precious, natural ingredients.

And the results….

Well the reports from our testers has been nothing short of overwhelming….

We’ll have more in a day or two as we get ready to launch our Anti-Ageing System which includes Moon Haven’s Age-Defying Serum and its companion Bio-Nutrient Gel

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