MIY - Antiseptic Wound Wash

If you have kids in your life then I'm sure you have your fair share of having to deal with all manner of minor cuts, grazes and other boos boos.  

With so many essential oils offering wonderful antiseptic properties there are a myriad of blends and concoctions that you can use to help cleanse and soothe these simple wounds. 

Of course if the cut or skin damage is deep or extensive then it is always best to consult your medical practitioner of choice or zoom up to the local hospital emergency department just to make sure all is ok.

If the wound is minor then try this simple recipe to make a very effective antiseptic wash.

Simple Antiseptic Wound Wash

I like to use tea tree  and lavender oils but you can use and antiseptic oils.

1. mix 3 drops of tea tree with 2 drops of lavender essential oil with 5 ml of solubiliser.

2. add 100 ml of sterilised or cooled boiled water and mix well with a clean spoon.  

How to use:

Use this solution to wash out dirt and debris from the wound and then rinse the wound clean.  Let it air dry before dressing if you feel the need to cover it.  Often exposing the graze to the air helps the wound to heal faster.

Smoothed a little Universal Herbal Ointment over the wound

Of course you can always smoothed a little universal herbal ointment to soothe and aid wound healing as well!


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