DIY- Hayfever Helper Blend

Hayfever season is upon us!
It feels like every second person visiting the cottage is suffering the effects of a spring that has sprung.
From blocked sinuses, headaches, streaming eyes and itchy skin - hayfever can make life very miserable for sufferers.

Of course, for the headaches and other symptoms associated with hayfever we 

highly recommend you use our Breathe Easy Pulse Point Potion. But if you don't have this very effective roller on hand then try this simple blend until you do.

Hayfever Helper Blend

In an essential oil bottle blend:

Apply one drop as needed on the hair near each temple (not on the skin or near the eyes- this is one super powerful, concentrated blend - much too strong for sensitive areas)

  • Notes:
  • Use with caution on those suffering from Epilepsy as some epileptics can be triggered by strong scent.
  • Ensure this blend is openly applied to hair as it can irritate sensitive skin
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