Can I use Essential Oils on my Face Mask?

Can I apply Essential Oils to my face mask?

Laura of moon haven in her cloth face mask

We've had a number of our moonies ask if they can apply essential oils to their face mask? 

The answer is both Yes and No.

Cloth Masks

If you are using a cloth mask, a drop or two of your favourite essential oil or blend could be a fantastic addition. Not only will it make you mask wearing more enjoyable - you'll get a bonus aromatherapy session at the same time!

Oils you could use are: 

Surgical Face Masks

However, if you are using a surgical face mask,-especially the moulded N95 style, then you MUST NOT apply any essential oil to the mask.

You see most surgical masks are made with 3 layers 

  • Layer 1 (external) - non woven material
  • Layer 2 (middle layer) - usually a polypropylene material which acts as a micro filter - filtering the air that you breathe.
  • Layer 3 (against your skin) -non woven material

Essential Oil could dissolve the mask's middle layer

Now it is the middle polypropylene layer in surgical facemasks that is the issue. 

You see,  essential oils  by their nature are powerful  polymer solvents and should not come into contact with a material like polypropylene,  as these oils are likely to degrade and dissolve them. 

This destroys the vital filtering ability of the middle layer, which means that the mask can no longer filter out viruses and bacteria effectively..
This is something you DON'T want!

What can you do instead?

If you you would still like to have the benefit of using essential oils while wearing a face mask you can:

  • apply a drop to your hair (not the skin) near your temples.
  • add a drop or two of your oil of choice to a tissue and tuck it into a bra strap or collar
  • dilute one drop of a gentle essential oil (try Lavender, Sweet Orange or Essensual essential oil blend) in a small amount of carrier oil and massage into the base of your neck 

i hope this helps

Leonie of moon haven


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