12 Top Tips to Beat the Winter Skin Blues

Winter weather is not fun for skin.

Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which then steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day.

Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture, as do hot showers or baths and harsh cleansers.

Additional moisture helps, but you need to do more to actually counteract these effects and keep skin looking youthful and smooth.

To reduce chapping, redness, itching, and keep skin more healthy and comfortable this season, try these tips.

1. Wash in Lukewarm Water

Hot showers and baths always feel good in the winter, but when you can, particularly when just washing your face or hands, choose lukewarm water (and hand made soap - NOT liquid soaps and body washes) to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin.

2. Moisturize Immediately Afterwards

Your skin not only needs more moisture, but moisture right after you wash.

Applying a moisturiser to damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin. Keep one of our body butters or hand and body lotions in the bathroom and apply every time you bathe.

3. Check on your moisturiser

Your skin moisturisation needs change from season to season.

So take a little time over the next few days and see if your current moisturiser is up to the job of caring for winter skin.

You may find that you'll need a heavier more nutrient rich product during the cooler months. For example, I know of a number of our gorgeous moonies who switch over to to using our Ultra Night Cream with Honey & Rosewood during the day.

4. Cover Up

Protect your skin from the elements when out and about with scarves, gloves and hats. Not only will you stay warmer but your skin with retain more of its natural moisture.

5. Humidify with your diffuser

Airconditioning, heaters and wood fires all dry out the air and in turn your skin. 

So winter is a fantastic time to have your diffuser running. Not only will it dispense wonderfully therapeutic essential oils into the air but it also helps increase the humidity in your home... saving your skin from drying out.

6. Drink

We tend to drink less water in the winter because we turn to hot drinks like coffee tea and hot chocolate, but don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside out.

If you can't face the idea of drinking cold water why no try a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of honey...mmmmm

7. Moisturise your body overnight

Dryer areas like hands, feet, elbows, and knees have thin skin and tend to lose moisture faster than other areas on the body. At night , consider slathering on a deep moisturizing cream like one of our body butters

If your skin is already starting to show its deeply dehydrated in these areas then get onto our soothing salve.. It's brilliant for cracked heels, skin on knees elbows and hands... it works!

8. Exfoliate

We often forget to help the skin slough off dead cells in the winter, particularly on our hands. Yet moisture can’t get in if the dead cells are too plentiful

.Use our Moisturising Facial Scrub with Organic Clays a on your face once a week. For your body, feet and hands I recommend using our wonderfully effective Body Polish with Ginger Spice in the shower.

9. Avoid Toxins, Specifically Allergens and Irritants

Particularly if you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis, you have to avoid allergens and irritants that may trigger a flare up. Winter skin is more fragile, so avoid irritating fabrics (like wool) and chemical-laden detergents is extremely important.

10. Hydrate From the Inside Out

Eating foods high in water content can help hydrate your skin from the inside out plus you get the added nutrients fresh food can give you. Fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges,watermelon, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots. Also make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C and zinc to support the healthy production of collagen and elastin - they help to keep you looking young and vibrant!

11. Check Your Cleanser

Like moisturisers, your skin may need a different cleanser in winter.. If you're currently using a foaming facial wash (which I discourage at any time of the year as we have found these cleansers to be wayyyy too harsh!) then our Herbal Cleansing Gel with Bergamot may be what you need. If you're looking for something that's wonderfully nurturing then consider changing to the Cleansing Milk with Rose Geranium

12. Use DIY Masks

Homemade hydrating masks can provide a much needed moisture boost to your skin in the winter months. 
Use natural moisturizing ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive, rice bran and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas and egg yolks. Mix what you like together to create a cream or paste, and leave on skin for 10-30 minutes for lasting hydration. Follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

So i hope this helps.  Of course if your skin is challenged by eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis then do take a look at our Eczema and Psoriasis information here - and don't forget to  download our Eczema & Psorisais Fact Sheet there. 

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