NEW: Butter Up Moisturising Bar

Moon Haven's Butter Up Moisturising Body Bar

Butter Up Your Body with our NEW Moisturising Body Bar

Laura - Moon Haven's amazing conscious creator has created these beautiful rounds of skin goodness to deeply nurture our bodies.

Great for problem dry skin areas

A rich and smooth moisturiser. These bars are great for dry problem areas like feet, hands, knees and elbows.

Honey Rich Beeswax, Shea & Cocoa Butter

Made with pure honey rich beeswax,  deeply nurturing shea and cocoa butter with just a hint of rosewood pure essential oil.

Designed to melt at body temperature, this beautiful  bar turns into skin nurturing liquid gold when it hits your skin.

How it feels:

 I love the way my skin feels when i use my butter up - not only does it really soften my heels and elbows but it keeps my arms and legs moisturised all day.

And it seems to last forever.  I'm getting quite a few uses out of every round.

How to use:

  • Use the warmth of your palms to soften the surface the bar slightly
  • Then apply to the areas you'd like to nurture.
  • Glide the bar over your skin as it melts
  • Rub the nurturing oils into your skin for deeper moisturisation

How to store:

Remember our Butter Ups are designed to melt at body temperatures,  so store away from heat and the sun...choose a cool dry place. 



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