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Essential Oils for Snoring

If your partner’s snoring is stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep then we have some great news for you.
Snoring can lead to significant health and emotional issues
It has been found that snoring is one of the primary reasons that spouses sleep apart.
For a couiple who have spent many […]

Moon Haven Hints & Tips : Make It Yourself Soothing Eye Pads for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

These little pillows of coolness are so full of vitamins, nutrients and anti-ageing factors that you'll want to make this a part of your weekly pampering routine.

What’s Better Than Lavender Oil for Study and Exam Stress? You’ll be surprised by the results

DON'T USE Lavender Oil when studying you'll be too relaxed and you'll have a harder time retaining your learnings Lavender is best reserved for times when you want to relax DO USE Rosemary Oil when studying to help remember your material later
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